ELDER PATRIOT – The Democrats have successfully run off many blacks from working with President Trump and back onto the plantations they have built for them.  Fortunately, many women have not been similarly dissuaded from working with the president to make America great again.

Proof of this president’s willingness to hire the best possible person, regardless of gender, to fill every job is readily visible after one look at his leadership picks for the National Security Council.

In what has historically been the male dominated world of protecting the nation’s security Trump’s two deputy national security advisers — K.T. McFarland and Dina Powell, and the person in charge of writing the national security strategy — Nadia Schadlow — are women.

It is believed to be the first time that all three of these positions have been occupied by women at the same time.

Trump recognizes and hires talent wherever he finds it but he also is acutely aware that filling positions with women just to satisfy militant Feminists’ demand to fill quotas is a formula for failure.

McFarland, Powell and Schadlow all acknowledge that qualified women may not be prepared to make the sacrifices required to perform the job because of the demands it puts on families can be untenable.

Classification issues require much of the work be done in a secure environment from inside the White House.  Then there’s the incredible demand on time that these positions require on a daily basis.  It’s usual to arrive at the office before 7:00am and to be tied up in meetings past 9:00pm. 

That means that these moms have to live and work in Washington, D.C. and that means infrequent face time with their children.  Despite these obstacles President Trump has been able to attract a second echelon of highly qualified women to help McFarland, Powell and Schadlow craft America’s foreign policy, as well.

The next time some lefty fascist levels the misogyny tag on President Trump you’ll be armed with the truth.