Jeb Bush: Just Plain Wrong

ELDER PATRIOT – Jeb Bush’s recent interview in Nashville with the Southern Baptist Convention reveals just how out of touch he is with today’s Republican voters.  Most likely that’s because he has a different agenda […]

Media Report August 4th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – The View’s Kelly Osbourne inadvertently revealed her bigoted view of Hispanics when she asked Donald Trump who would clean his toilets if the Latinos are gone? Trump has never denounced Latinos, creating […]

Understanding Economic Reporting 101

ELDER PATRIOT – The Drudge Report’s central headline reads, “Apple Crash Could Bring Down Market.”  The story is linked to and highlights just how vulnerable our economy has become under the progressive agenda. With […]

Ignorance: The Aphrodisiac of The Left

ELDER PATRIOT – Every time I hear a liberal politician suggest another government program to solve a perceived societal problem I cringe because I know the ignorant masses that sit in the audience and applaud […]

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