KIRSTERS BAISH| Earlier this month a video on Facebook made its rounds after it outraged just about every sane human being who saw it. In the video German protesters can be seen blocking the vehicle of a diplomat… and they learn very quickly that they should definitely not have done that. 

The protest took place in Hamburg, Germany, where these idiots made a human wall to complain about whatever crap they were complaining about this time. The protest went south pretty quickly when a diplomat’s car got blocked by the wall of dummies.

During this year’s G-20 summit in Hamburg, there were protestors flooding the streets in displays of violent protests. It made it very hard for those escorting and protecting the diplomats attending the meeting. The driver of one diplomat saw only one way fit to get through the human blockade, step on the gas and floor it.

You can see the footage of the incident below:

I mean, the driver gave the protesters fair warning and gave them ample time to move, but if you gotta go, you gotta go. In the process of navigating through the barricade the car merely damaged a single bicycle. Pretty good driving skills if you ask me.

The biggest issue with these self-entitled pansies is that they don’t know when enough is enough. There are more people in the world than just you and your ignorant friends. People have places to be, and you blocking the road is simply unfair to everyone else in the world. And this crap happens all over America as well. There are protests all the time from liberal groups who think that the only way to get their point across is by bitching and moaning about every little thing.

I can give a personal example of how this garbage affects innocent bystanders. Yesterday Chick-Fil-A ran a special that allowed anyone dressed as a cow to get a free meal. One of the restaurants near me was packed with families eating lunch when a group of animal rights activists came storming through the restaurant in a gory display. They didn’t give a rat’s ass that there were children in the restaurant that they made cry, all they cared about was pushing their liberal agenda of veganism.

This protesting crap has got to end sooner or later. It is ridiculous that these people don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves.