ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Today’s government jobs report shows the American economy only produced 142,000 jobs in September. Divide that by 50 states, and it works out to only 2,840 jobs per state.

Ignore the government’s rigged U4 unemployment rate number of 5.1%.  This number is calculated in such a dishonest manner, that if the economy shrunk to zero and there were zero jobs, the U4 number would say that there is zero unemployment.  In other words, the U4 figure does not show you the shrinking universe of existing jobs, and makes no mention of all the jobs that are being destroyed.

Despite the government-media complex repeated assertion that “we’re in a recovery” from the Great Recession, and that people have “figured it out or moved on”, a record 94.6 million are unemployed out of a population of 350 million. That’s a real unemployment rate of over 30%, when you consider that the 94.6 million number only includes working age citizens, while the 350 million figure includes those too young to be in the labor force, and those who have retired.  This is twice the unemployment that occurred even during the Great Depression. We are NOT figuring it out, and we aren’t moving on. Automation is just going to accelerate this process. The transportation sector is poised to have robots eliminate most Driving Jobs, by 2022, and driving jobs make up something like 40% of all existing jobs. So in only a five to seven year time frame, unemployment for us humans is going to double to a never before experienced 60-70% rate of unemployment.  At a certain point, we are looking at a collapse of civilization as there will be far too many unemployed and on some form of government assistance.  The system is going to collapse, as planned under the Cloward & Piven conspiracy.

I know the phrase “you are not your job” sounds nice, but I don’t think it’s true. A great deal of your identity is in your job, because your job is how the outside world judges your worth to be. Try being unemployed, and you will quickly realize how much we in fact do identify with what we do, because it is our source of income. Our source of income determines our standard of living, and our ability to attract women.  Your ability to earn income is your link to normalcy. No income equals no normal life.

Manufacturing jobs were not “shitty” jobs. They were high paying jobs that allowed generations to buy houses and raise families on a single income. Now they’re gone, and the only jobs we seem to be creating these days are going to immigrants. Our standard of living is falling: Those graduating from school today are, on average, NOT going to do as well as their parents. Many are stuck living with their parents well into adulthood.

Yeah, it would be great if we could all move on to careers as writers, poets, and designers, but we both know that isn’t going to happen. The creative arts have paid pretty poorly, for most people, for most of history, except for the lucky few who make it really big.  Look at how Youtube Channels pay out for most who try. Look at how many can earn a living writing books out of how many who try.  We’ll never have a functioning economy where everyone is just reading each other’s books.  While I’m sure there will be good money for those who can design new robots, the economy can only employ so many of us in that role.

This is why our government continues to make preparations for Martial Law.  This is why the Elites are bugging out right now to armored bunkers in remote areas.  The bottom is about to fall out on Western Civilization.

I continue to look at the future with despair.