In the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting that left over 50 people dead, candidate Donald Trump called for a temporary suspension of immigration from Muslim countries so that immigrants could be properly vetted. Of course, the proposal was met with predictable outrage from liberals and the media. After all, wanting to have a sensible immigration policy that protects our citizens from terrorism and crime is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, or whatever other adjective liberals can dream up.

Meanwhile, Europeans are offering us an interesting case study in what happens when you allow immigrants hostile to our values free rein in our society. Radical Islam is on the rise in Europe, but liberals seem content to ignore the evidence. Terrorist attacks are becoming a common occurrence in France, Belgium dealt with a bombing at its largest airport, and in Germany radical jihadists drove a truck through a crowded Christmas market.

Of course, carrying out terrorist activity isn’t the only way immigrants are changing the face of Europe. In France, entire neighborhoods are subject to Sharia Law and the Belgian capital of Brussels has become a safe haven for radical Islam.

Liberal authorities in Europe seem content to just ignore the problem. Even worse, crimes committed in these neighborhoods have almost become an annual tradition. Across Europe, Muslim immigrants burn cars on New Years Eve, yet instead of being proactive in an attempt to protect their citizens, authorities instead sweep the problem under the rug. From Jihad Watch:

The French government has been accused of hiding their inability to control the country’s sinister New Year’s Eve torching tradition as the interior ministry claimed the night passed “without any major incident” – but almost 1,000 cars were set on fire and destroyed.

On Sunday, the French officials chose to release a low figure of 650 destroyed cars which only indicated the vehicles that were “set on fire” – a figure which did not include those cars that were completely destroyed and engulfed in ensuing flames. READ MORE