VIA| Kern County, California, Sheriff Donny Youngblood has a message for immigrants seeking shelter in “sanctuary cities,” and it’s not one they want to hear.

Youngblood is planning to ask the Kern Board of Supervisors to adopt a resolution declaring the county a “law and order” county, which would ensure that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers can do their jobs without running into interference from local governments.

Youngblood wants agents to be able to continue identifying felonious illegal immigrants in the county jails so they can be deported upon their release, unlike what happens (or doesn’t happen) in many California jurisdictions, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Youngblood said California lawmakers are considering legislation that would prevent him from cooperating with ICE agents, so he decided it was time to make his suggestion for the “law and order” resolution. He reportedly recognized that the resolution was “somewhat symbolic.”

“Sheriff’s deputies don’t enforce immigration laws and we don’t go on federal immigration sweeps, but we do have to allow our federal partners to do their job,” he said.

Three years ago, the Vietnam veteran opposed the California Trust Act, which restricted cooperation between local law enforcement officials and ICE agents. He also refused to sign paperwork for a federal immigration program that would allow some victims of crime to stay in the country.

This lone sheriff is standing up to the liberal policies that are wrecking our country, and that’s not easy to do in California.

Democrats will no doubt say this resolution sends a negative and divisive message, but it is what we need to keep or streets safe.

The Bakersfield Californian reported that County Counsel Mark Nations reportedly blocked the sheriff’s resolution, claiming it is outside the his jurisdiction. He added that the resolution would have no practical or legal impact on county operations.

If that’s the case, then that would be too bad, because we need more counties adopting similar resolutions.